5 tips to make a successful online real estate business

Nowadays, every type of business has to keep up with new technologies and primarily the internet in order to stay competitive. This being said, the impact of the web vary highly from one sector to another and some industries still get most of their business activities from traditional channels.

In today’s post, we will focus on the real estate industry and see how to leverage the internet to make a successful housing business both on- and offline. Indeed, real estate is one of the most profitable sector on the web. This internet niche is so abundant in ideas and concepts that it became an industry itself called internet real estate.

After you built your website using the latest UX and design trends including interactive maps, filters, videos and anything that can make one’s home search a nice – and even fun – experience, you will need to make the difference with the competition. However, if these days real estate companies don’t hesitate to spend a lot of money in their digital agency, not so many of them would go the extra mile to overtake their competitors on the internet.

The main reason for this is the cost, as it would usually imply to hire a digital marketing specialist which most companies don’t actually see the benefits of. Either in-house or outsourced, the online marketing expert can be an important asset in the growth of any kind of property business.

Here are 5 online practices that could help your property business dominate your competitors:
1. Blogging

Infographic: expat population living in China

Infographic: Expat population living in China

Having a blog on or beside your website allows you to share information and news related to your industry or your city. It is also a great way to give a more human appearance to your website/company by being able to interact with your readers who can post comments on your articles. Depending on the topics you choose to cover, you can also built your own brand image which will make your company stand out from the competition.

2. Guides and reports

When putting together a guide, a report or an analysis of one market trend, you establish your company as an expert in its area. For instance, if you run a property agency in Shanghai, you should publish reports about the Shanghai real estate market on a regular basis. This allows you to demonstrate your knowledge of the market and can even generate leads as you may be the only source of information for this topic. To keep your audience interested, you should use various formats such as charts, videos, infographics and son on.

3. Social media

Social media are a great way to spread your information, whether it is a new blog post or a guide. This will help you build your online influencer’s rep and will allow you to interact with clients and other industry players. It is also a simple and efficient way to promote new apartments and houses available on your website.
4. Newsletter

Overview of the property rental market in downtown Shanghai

Newsletter: Property rentals market in downtown Shanghai

You probably heard of it but never really thought you could make one yourself, right? In fact, many people associate a newsletter with some kind of spam but this marketing tool can actually be very useful and powerful. The purpose of the newsletter is similar to the guide, the difference being the format which should be much shorter as you will email it to your customer database. In a recent newsletter from Ambassador Relocation, we gave insights on Shanghai houses landscape where we compared the different types of properties as well as the top areas to rent houses in the city.

5. Guest posting

Last but not least, guest posting or guest blogging is another great way to spread your message using other people’s website. This gives you a chance to write on different topics and reach different kinds of audience. Guest blogging shouldn’t be use to promote your company services but to bring some valuable information to the audience.

This is a guest post from Ambassador Relocation, real estate specialist for expats in Shanghai.
For more information regarding housing in Shanghai, make sure to visit our Zillow page.

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